Give the Gift of Property Management this Holiday Season

The Perfect Gift Idea that Keeps Giving

If you’ve got a landlord on your “nice” list, consider giving the gift of property management this holiday season 🎁. Our experts at Oak City Properties understand that managing a rental property can be stressful! From handling the day-to-day running of the property to dealing with tenant concerns, keeping up with a property is no walk in the winter wonderland park. However, hiring a property management service is a simple gift that keeps giving all year long. 

Give the Gift of Dependability

A competent property management service can add significant value to your investment property. The property management team will make sure to acquire higher quality tenants, help with tenant retention and create a shorter vacancy cycle, combat any legal issues that may present themselves, and help with maintenance repairs and costs. They will also take care of all tenant concerns, general maintenance and any legal issues that may arise. When giving the gift of property management, you are providing a valuable service to both the property owner and tenant. 

Still not convinced a property management company is the best gift this holiday season,  take a look at “7 Benefits to using a property management service.”

Give the Gift of a Personal Assistant

When you hire a property management company, you’re assigned a specific person to oversee the proper running of your rental property. The individual is there to deal with tenant concerns, keep you abreast of all things happening to your home, and deal with maintenance and repairs. The property manager is also there to help when it comes to vacancies and to support you in the following ways:

  • Monitor your lease expiration dates
  • Notify the tenant of the lease expiration and gather information in regards to their intentions 
  • Provide opportunities to renegotiate the rent on a renewal basis
  • If the tenant chooses not to sign the lease again, the individual will help with the move-out process
  • Market/advertise the unit with your target audience (renter) in mind
  • Screen future tenants that may apply to live in the unit

Give the Gift of Time

A property management company has the ability to handle all of the issues that arise when dealing with maintenance concerns and the proper running of a rental property. They have a staff that is ready, day and night, to deal with any concerns that come with renting a property. A property management company also has a seamless process to handle the job and keep you informed. From payment processes to communication, they have procedures put in place to allow for a quick and efficient working relationship. They are always available to help when it comes to the tenant, landlord, or contractor.  

Give the Gift of Care

On top of that, a property management company has policies in place to ensure that you and your tenants are happy and taken care of each step of the way. With this positive renting environment comes the retention of quality tenants. When a property management company is there to manage the daily issues and concerns, the homeowner and renter feel like their needs are taken care of, and everyone in the equation feels like they are a winner! 

Give the Gift of Oak City Properties

At Oak City Properties, we’ve streamlined the experience of purchasing and owning investment properties through a trusted and reliable mindset built on decades of measured success. Our real estate and investment professionals are ready to help you manage your most significant assets through a hands-on approach that focuses on consistently generating results. 

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