Landlords and Tenants

Making Your Small Rental Feel Bigger

Figuring out how to decorate and style a small rental space can be challenging. However, there are ways to make a unit feel larger and more open by how you arrange the room and items found within. In this article, we talk about ways to make your small rental feel bigger with everyday items.

Staying Organized as a Landlord and Real Estate Investor

With maintenance and tenant concerns at the forefront of every landlord’s mind, reporting and accounting only seem to come into play around tax time when it comes to property management. As an experienced property management company, we understand that tracking your profits and expenses is crucial each year. This article touches on ways to stay organized as a landlord or real estate investor.

National -VS- Local Property Management Services

When searching for the right property management service, you will likely have a list of desirable attributes that the company needs to possess. This article discusses the differences between national and local property management services so you can make an informed decision.

Happy Tenants Mean Long-Term Tenants

Tenants that respect your property and the neighborhood are what every landlord wants when it comes to renting their property. Add in the idea of paying on time; being clean; and considerate; and contacting you when issues arise; and you have yourself the illustrious “unicorn” of tenants. In this article, we talk about tips to keep your tenant happy.

Best Way to Communicate with Tenants

What is the best way to communicate with tenants? This is a question that many homeowners have and in this article, we’ll cover what you need to know about communicating with your renters.