Landlords and Tenants

5 Reasons You Should Require Renters Insurance

In this article, we discuss the importance of requiring renters insurance from the perspective of both the tenant and the landlord. We also highlight a renters insurance trend affecting tenants and landlords in the Raleigh area.

How to Show an Occupied Rental

When a tenant communicates their intent not to renew a lease, the scouting process begins. In this article, we outline four ways to show an occupied rental property and how to make sure your current tenant feels involved in the process.

Snow Removal: Who is Responsible?

As a property owner, snow can complicate things and be a safety concern, so it’s important to ensure everyone knows who is responsible for removing snow from sidewalks, pathways and driveways. This article answers the question, “Who is responsible for snow removal? The tenant or the landlord?”

Winterizing Your Rental Property? Let Us Help

Wet weather paired with the occasional cold spurt can be a recipe for disaster and mishaps waiting to happen. In this article, we outline several ways to get your rental property ready for winter weather and keep your tenants safe.

Property Investors Beware: The Airbnb Phenomenon

There is a new rental phenomenon based on the Airbnb business model. The Airbnb rental scheme allows tenants to make a profit on their rental unit but the system is flawed. In this article, we discuss the trend and how to protect yourself as a property investor and landlord.

How a Property Management Company Can Affect Your ROI

There seems to be a surprising new trend with single-family home renters, according to a recent Buildium Survey. In this article, we outline the survey findings and better understand what they mean for property investors and property management companies.

 Have Rental Rates Peaked?

Landlords around the country are scratching their heads about the current housing and rental market. With increased eviction rates, this article touches on how the market has changed since 2021 and what that means for the Raleigh Rental Market.