Do I have to get pre-approved before I buy a house?

Pre-approval makes you a better buyer in the eyes of the seller. If you’re hoping to buy a house in this ever-tightening real estate market where demand is high and supply is at record lows, then getting pre-approval will give you a leg up on the competition.

Home Buying Made Easy

Thinking of buying your first home? Take a look at our easy, organized, and stress-free 12 step plan to purchasing a home.

Real Estate Investor Checklist

Real estate investment is a great way to earn income and leverage your hard-earned money. Through rental income, appreciation and profits, real estate can generate consistent returns while diversifying your investment portfolio. This article outlines what first-time investors need to know when purchasing real estate.

Home Maintenance Checklist

Property Maintenance Checklist Upkeep and seasonal maintenance Spring…summer…fall…winter, no matter the season, there is always something to fix when it comes to your home and general maintenance. From painting the exterior to changing the batteries in the fire alarm, home maintenance can often feel like an ongoing battle where your home is the ultimate winner. …

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