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Making Your Small Rental Feel Bigger

Figuring out how to decorate and style a small rental space can be challenging. However, there are ways to make a unit feel larger and more open by how you arrange the room and items found within. In this article, we talk about ways to make your small rental feel bigger with everyday items.

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Landlord -vs- HOA

The landlord — HOA relationship can have many benefits and be a great way to build a harmonious partnership within a community. However, there are times when an HOA embraces an “us -vs- them” mentality that benefits no one. To help, Oak City Properties took some time to look deeper into the issue and provide advice to help keep the peace on the Landlord -vs- HOA front.

Happy woman in Property management after selling home

Landlord or Real Estate Investor: Which one are you?

Whether your goal is to build wealth as a landlord or invest in real estate as an investor, knowing how to manage properties will help you reach that goal. There are many ways to get started with property management – whether you’re looking at renting out an apartment in your home, or investing in residential income properties yourself – this article will give you the information needed to choose what’s best for your situation.

Sunbelt Migration

A Pandemic Trend That Benefits the Southern States It may not be hard to understand why people are moving to the Sunbelt. The name pretty much sums up the appeal of moving to the South — lovely weather, plenty of suns, limited snow accumulation. Now, factor in a global pandemic that has shown us most …

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