Sunbelt Migration

A Pandemic Trend That Benefits the Southern States It may not be hard to understand why people are moving to the Sunbelt. The name pretty much sums up the appeal of moving to the South — lovely weather, plenty of suns, limited snow accumulation. Now, factor in a global pandemic that has shown us most …

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4 Tips for Collecting Rent

Getting Paid on Time As a landlord, the most significant factor in managing your cash flow is to collect the rent on time! While being a landlord isn’t just about getting paid, consistently collecting the rent payments each month is one of the most important things when owning one or multiple rental properties. When dealing …

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Increasing Rental Rates: Is it a good idea?

Things to consider when adjusting rent prices To increase rental rates or not to increase rental rates…that is the question! A long-standing question that should warrant a good amount of consideration before answering. If you find yourself questioning whether to increase rental rates once a tenant’s lease is up for renewal, you should really take …

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