Top 8 Things Renters Want In a Rental Home

Top 8 things renters want in a property


Giving your renter a home they will love

Every renter wants to find a home that is the perfect fit. A place where they can feel comfortable and safe while also enjoying the community and surrounding amenities. Tenants, like homeowners, want to find a rental property that fits their personal needs and also checks off all of their “must haves.”

As a rental property owner, your job is to make sure that your home has everything a potential renter wants and needs to stay happy for the long haul. To put certain elements in place so that your tenant will pay the rent every month with a smile on their face. To help give your renter the home they will love, take a look at the top eight things renters want in a property.


  • Renovations

Everyone loves a newly renovated space to call home. When it comes to renovating your property, make sure to put your money where it will get the most bang for your buck. Where is that, you ask? When it comes to home renovations, your money is best spent in the kitchen and bathrooms. Make sure to provide your tenants with stainless steel appliances and amenities that make the renovations pop. Hard wood floors, a modern fresh paint color, and quality carpets are also a few renovations that will make your home more desirable.


  • Upgrades

Updated appliances and modern fixtures is a great way to draw tenants into your home. The idea of upgrading isn’t about spending a ton of money, but instead updating items in your home that make it look new and trendy. With the idea of upgrading elements in your home, also come the shift to providing your tenants with all the appliances they need to function on a daily basis. Such as, providing the tenant with a washing machine/dryer and other amenities that make moving into your home a simple and easy process.


  • Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan is the way to go these days. If your home has segmented rooms and feels small, the best thing you can do is knock down a wall or two to make your home feel open and inviting. The key to an open floor plan is to make the space usable.


  • Clean and Tidy

No matter your cleaning habits, no one wants to enter a dirty home, and a renter is no different. When renting your home, make sure that it is clean and fresh. A well-maintained rental property, with all the necessary repairs and move-in ready, will not stay on the market long.


  • Storage

Many renters want space to store their personal items. Whether it is christmas decorations or recreational equipment, renters need a closet/crawl space/outside shed where they can secure their items and have easy access.


  • Outdoor space

A usable outdoor space for the kids to play or pets to run free is always a bonus when it comes to renting. Most people like the idea of a quiet location outside the home that they can make their own. Having an outdoor space (big or small) is a great selling feature for potential renters and should not be overlooked when preparing your rental property.


  • Safe and security

The easiest way to make your property safe and secure for a potential renter is to change the locks and have proper outdoor lighting. These minor (and cheap) precautions are one way to let potential renters know that you care about their safety. If you want to go the extra mile, think about installing an alarm system or let the tenant add one as they see fit.


  • Friendly Landlord

People are more likely to rent and stay long term in a rental property if it has a flexible, kind, and helpful landlord. Being a friendly landlord is about setting up proper procedures for rent collection and making sure any maintenance issues are handled in a timely manner.


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