Rental Inspection Checklist

Why is it important to use a move-in checklist?

A move-in checklist is a great way to make sure the lines of communication are open (from the beginning) between a tenant and a landlord. It is a way to help document the existing condition of the property and take a subjective inventory of what might need to be repaired or improved before the move-in date.  


From a renter’s point of view, an inspection checklist allows for safeguards to be put in place, a way to make sure an existing issue or problem is brought to light. The checklist, if done correctly and thoroughly, will also work as a negotiating tool to request that certain repairs be made to the rental property before your move-in date.  


From a landlord’s point of view, it is critical to keep your rental property in good condition at all times. A rental inspection checklist is one way to make sure you are addressing all issues, no matter how big or small. It is also a legal document that can be utilized in the future if additional damage is done to your property while a tenant is living in your home. 


Rental Inspection Checklist Example:

When creating a rental inspection checklist, it is essential to take all areas of your property into consideration. From inside the home to outside landscaping, a rental inspection should leave no stone unturned. Take a look at the following kitchen rental inspection checklist to get a better sense of what you need to include:


Kitchen Condition on arrival Concern Condition on Departure
Sink/Garbage Disposal
Paint/Overall Condition
Counter surfaces
Existing Furniture
Signature of Tenant 1:  Signature of Tenant 2: Signature of Tenant 3:  Signature of Landlord:


Common rental property inspection mistakes

  • When renting your home, it is best practice to create a detailed inspection form for each room/area of the home. Don’t make the mistake of creating an inspection checklist that only focuses on the main living areas.
  • Make sure to schedule a time for you and the tenant to inspect the home together. Carve out enough time so that the rental property can be inspected thoroughly, and no one feels rushed.
  • Don’t forget to document any changes you make to the property because of the rental inspection checklist. If a concern is addressed, make sure to document the fix on the inspection checklist so that everyone knows the problem has been discussed and remedied. 
  • Make sure all parties involved have signed the Rental Inspection Checklist and have an updated copy for their files. 


Need help?

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