Five Best Neighborhoods Inside the Raleigh Beltline

The Five Best Neighborhoods Inside the Raleigh Beltline

How to Choose?

With so many neighborhoods inside the beltline (ITB), how can you narrow down your search for the ideal home? Each community comes with its own unique charm and benefits, as well as a strong neighborhood feeling. To make things a little easier for you, below we have highlighted five of our favorite neighborhoods that stand out for a variety of wonderful reasons.

Five Points

Five Points is located roughly two miles north of downtown Raleigh. The area is defined by the intersection of Glenwood Ave. with E. Whitaker Mill Rd., Fairview Rd., & Gleen Ave. Five Points is bordered by Wade Avenue to the south, Anderson Drive to the North, Wake Forest Road to the east, and Oberlin Road to the west. The neighborhood emerged nearly 100 years ago but continues to thrive as a cultural hotspot. This area is excellent for people who like to stroll around the tall trees while visiting local art galleries, antique shops, and the local farmer’s market.

Another draw in Five Points is the historic Rialto Theatre: In addition to featuring a wide array of independent films, they also show the famous “Rocky Horror Picture Show” every Friday night at midnight.

Historic Oakwood

For folks drawn to areas rich with stories of eras past, a neighborhood worth consideration is Historic Oakwood. Thriving since the Civil War Era, Oakwood overflows with an abundance of beautiful architecture. In fact, many of the individual residences are identified as Local Historic Landmarks. Special guided tours are highlighted during the year, giving people the chance to see inside some of the homes and admire some awe-inspiring gardens. This neighborhood is close to downtown and also is home to the renowned Oakwood Cemetery, the resting place of several notable burials and two unique areas: the Hebrew Cemetery and the Confederate Cemetery.

Oakwood is bordered by North Person Street on the west, Pace and Oakwood Cemetery and Dog Park to the north, North Tarboro Street to the east, and East Edenton Street to the south. It’s nearby to The Governor’s Mansion, William Peace University, and the Raleigh Krispy Kreme factory.


Adjacent to Historic Oakwood & Five Points stands the neighborhood of Mordecai. Apart from its cool-sounding name, this area is affordable, has fantastic public transportation options, and provides easy access to downtown. It is also the oldest neighborhood in Raleigh. A wide variety of home styles can be found in Mordecai, in addition to some unique attractions. Not only is there Escazu Chocolates, a bean-to-bar artisanal chocolate maker, but the Raleigh City Farm also resides in Mordecai. This urban farm emphasizes the reduction of waste and fostering healthier communities by bringing agriculture into the city. There are also two city parks inside the neighborhood for extra green space.

Mordecai is bordered by North Blount Street on the west, the Raleigh Rail Yard to the north, Wake Forest Road to the east, and East Franklin Street to the south.

Boylan Heights

Touting the best view of downtown Raleigh is Boylan Heights. This neighborhood located southwest of downtown is an artist’s dream location. Primarily made up of bungalows, this close-knit community has many one-of-a-kind events that include the Big Boyland Bash in the summer, and the Art Walk, held every December. This neighborhood also is directly next to the city’s largest city park – the Dorothea Dix Campus. With over 300 acres of vibrant landscapes and beautiful architecture to admire, a person can get lost in Raleigh’s deep history while surrounded by lush greenery.

Boylan Heights is bordered by Western Boulevard to the south, Cabarrus and Lenior Streets to the west, Mountford Avenue to the north, and South Saunders to the east.

Pullen Park Terrace

Pullen Park Terrace is a hidden gem of a neighborhood. One of the smallest neighborhoods in Raleigh, this 32-home spot is home to a number of community activists dedicated to civic engagement and environmental health. In 2017, Pullen Park Terrace was awarded the Silver Award for National Neighborhood of the Year, credited for its neighborliness and social revitalization. One of Raleigh’s most recognizable events was created here, too — the Kirby Derby. If you’re a fan of soapbox races, fun activities for kids and adults alike, and a celebration of community, this is definitely a celebration not to be missed.

Does one of these neighborhoods spark your interest? Let us know if you are and allow us to help you get into one of the great ITB neighborhoods in Raleigh. to contact Oak City Properties for your property management needs.