ranch style single story investment property in raleigh

Investing in Single Story House in Raleigh

The Advantages of Investing In Single Story Living In Raleigh NC

Some of the hottest investment properties in Raleigh are single story homes

Single story living is making a comeback among savvy real estate investors. Due to the design of the floor plan, it meets the needs of multiple demographics, ranging from new parents renting a home for the first time to downsizing seniors.

Seniors may appreciate safely moving around a single story home without the fear of falling on the stairs. Young parents may benefit from moving effortlessly from one room to do various chore or keep track of the their kids. Most single story homes for rent today are built in the traditional “ranch-style” where the master bedroom, master bath, and living spaces are all on one level. Newer construction single story homes are usually built in the “cottage style” and may include a split level or second story bonus room.

Newer contemporary style floor plans can fit a broad range of lifestyles and budgets. In fact, many single story homes in Raleigh offer large outdoor spaces and patios ideal for children. This is an important consideration for those who are investing in a rental property that targets young families.

7 Advantages of Investing In Single Story Living

  • They can offer more square feet of living space.

  • It is a lifetime investment within reach of most investors.

  • These homes stay occupied as they appeal to a large demographic.

  • No noisy footsteps on the stairs or second-floor noise.

  • They offer attractive innovations in space-saving designs for laundry rooms, pantries, bathrooms, and closets.

  • One story floor plans allow for more variation in ceiling heights and skylights in every room. These attractive additions can increase the value of a property investment.

  • Eliminate the risk of falls by eliminating the staircase found in a two-story home. Elderly renters may not need to move if mobility becomes a challenge.

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