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Best Way to Communicate with Tenants

The best, most efficient way to communicate with your tenants

Landlords and tenants can find themselves in a multitude of situations when it comes to daily life. From disputes over the security deposit to emergencies such as floods, there are many times when landlords need to communicate with their tenants. Landlords need to be proactive in their communication and do so in a timely manner. This means sending out regular updates on the property, whether it’s through email, text messages, or even social media. 

Newsletters for Mass Communications and Updates

Landlord-tenant disputes often arise, so landlords must communicate regularly with their tenants. Treat your tenants like clients and send mass communications through a property manager when needed. Landlords looking to update their tenants on property repairs, changes in the leasing agreement, or any other news can use a property manager to send out mass communications.Remember to send out regular updates on the property and be responsive to tenant inquiries.

Best Methods of Communication with Tenants

There are a few ways that landlords can communicate with their tenants. The best way to communicate with tenants will vary depending on the landlord’s preference and the type of property renting out.

  • Email: Legally the Best

One way for landlords to communicate with their tenants is by using email. Email is great for landlords who want to keep a paper trail, especially when speaking about legal matters. Emails are also great to use with tenants because they can be sent in bulk and saved in a central location. Most email providers will even allow the landlord to set up an automated email to send their message anytime without having to do anything more than hit “send” on the email. Email is a great way to keep in touch with tenants but it is important to remember that not everyone checks their email regularly, so landlords may want to consider using other methods of communication as well.

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  • Text Messages: Convenient and Wifi-Free

Another way for landlords to communicate with their tenants is through text messages. Text messages are perfect for when the landlord needs to contact the tenant right away. They are also great for landlords who want to track when the tenant received the message. Text messages can be sent from any phone and do not require an internet connection, making them perfect for landlords who are on the go. However, text messages can be easily ignored or forgotten if not replied to promptly, so landlords should use them sparingly. Feel free to also pick up the phone to call your tenants if the demand arises. It is better to be in communication with your tenant than leave things up for interpretation. 

  • Postal “Snail” Mail

This may seem old fashioned, but snail mail serves a purpose in property management. That purpose is creating a legal paper trail with a timestamp. Always send your letters via first class certified mail, so you’ll have proof that you attempted contact. This will give you the upper hand should you end up in court. Snail mail is ideal for inspection date letters, rental payment information, lease agreements, and anything that may need legal proof. Tenants also appreciate that they have an original copy of their own. In some ways, snail mail is better than email in that it’s more reliable, less likely to be ignored, and protects you legally in potential landlord-tenant disputes.

Give Them Your Contact Information

No matter which method of communication a landlord chooses to use, it is important to ensure that their tenants know how to contact them. This can be done by including information about all methods of communication in the lease agreement. Landlords should list which forms of communication they prefer and which ones they will use more often so that tenants know beforehand how to get in touch. 

Key Takeaways

This article had a few key points that you need to remember:

  1. Contact Methods: email, text messaging/phone, and snail mail.
  2. Landlords need to list their preferred contact methods in the lease agreement.
  3.  Landlords should use communication methods they will use (and not just what they like best)–for example, if a landlord doesn’t want to be bothered by too many phone calls, they shouldn’t choose the phone as their preferred method of communication.

Email and text messages may be the best methods of communication with tenants, but it is essential to remember that not everyone checks their email or texts regularly. So, landlords should also use phone calls to communicate with their tenants if urgent. However, the best form of communication by far is to post letters when sensitive or legal issues are being discussed.

Additionally, all three forms of communication should be listed in the lease agreement to know how to contact their landlord. There are also different ways for landlords to communicate with different tenants, such as absentee landlords and live-in landlords, small and large landlords, etc. Hence, a landlord needs to consider these differences when deciding on their preferred methods.

Hire a Property Manager

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