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6 Reasons Why Smart Real Estate Investors Get Their Real Estate License

How a Real Estate License Can Boost Your Investment Portfolio

Young or beginner investors may wonder if getting their real estate license is a worthwhile endeavor. One of the first advantages that come to mind is the easy access to the MLS (multiple listing service). You won’t have to wait on someone for access to tour homes. Sure, there are drawbacks like working under a broker for a specified amount of time, but getting your license to sell can also be a license to “killing it” in the real estate investment world.

Read on for more benefits that come with your real estate license. Easy access to the MLS is just the tip of it.

1. MLS access

Having a real estate agent’s license allows you to legally and legitimately access the multiple listing service (MLS).

You can personally create your virtual tours for homes you are selling or even gain insight into what other agents in the area may be listing their properties at. This information is valuable when determining prices, negotiating deals, and finding great investment opportunities.

You will also have easy access to the tax law information surrounding real estate. This is also valuable information for finding investment opportunities or determining if your current property has the potential to make you more money in terms of capital gains, depreciation, and the like.

2. The Ultimate Real Estate Education

As a licensed agent, you’ll have access to the most up-to-date industry knowledge. 

Your license will help you get a jumpstart that other investors will not have. Not only will you learn skills such as marketing, branding, lead generation, compliance, talking to buyers/sellers, and contract law. 

This information is valuable when determining prices, negotiating deals, and finding great investment opportunities. You would be surprised to know how many real estate investors out there are unfamiliar with these basics.

3. Credibility

Being a REALTOR® has its advantages, like knowing the code of ethics. As well as putting your clients and other investors at ease with this knowledge you hold from them in confidence – even if they aren’t specifically using their title!

The REALTOR® membership exudes a professionalism that says you stay on top of your game to maintain a reputation for honesty. It shows a commitment to excellence. Your clients know that no matter what, they can count on working with someone who adheres strictly to ethics within this profession- which also ensures investor confidence.

4. Early Access to Newly Available Properties

With a real estate license and membership to the local MLS, you can get into any property that meets your criteria. If properties are going quickly or have already hit the market by chance, then go ahead and see it one day.

Most listing agreements contract two to four weeks before they become available for purchase. So, there’s no time to waste. You don’t have anything more important than finding homes fast, so make sure you do with the help of a real estate license.

5. Less Risk

When you become a licensed agent, your broker will take on even greater responsibility. They’ll be in charge of overseeing all the legal and financial aspects that come with being an expert at real estate transactions—and they have insurance too!

The downside to this is that unlicensed people can get into trouble for doing something shady or breaking laws because nobody is watching over them as brokers do through their licensees (you). However, such things won’t happen by getting one yourself and networking with other real estate professionals throughout the licensing processes.

6. Networking with Other Real Estate Professionals

Finally, you will have access to a lot of people. Meeting with other agents can be helpful when trying to find someone who may want to sell their property. You can also expand your business by finding new clients through referrals from other agents in the area, which is a great way to cut down on marketing costs if you already have an established presence in the market.

Investing does not necessarily mean that you need to get a real estate license, but it opens up more doors and opportunities than just being a tenant. While it is not required, the benefits that come with your real estate license can be invaluable to any seasoned or beginner investor.

Bringing all of these benefits together, you can see why a real estate license is an essential tool for any smart investor. If you’re considering getting your license but are still on the fence about whether or not this will be worth your time and money, don’t hesitate. Our team at Oak City Properties has (licensed) property managers who can answer all of your buyer or seller questions. We’ve handled hundreds of real estate transactions and know all that goes into buying and selling a home. 

Whether you are a new investor or an experienced one, there is always something to learn. Please take advantage of the resources available and get your real estate license today or allow us at Oak City Properties to handle the process for you. 

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