5 Tips to Staging Your Home

Put Your Best House Forward

Planning to sell your house, but not sure how to set the stage for success? Take a look at these helpful tips and tricks to entice potential buyers and get results.

Tip #1: Focus on curb appeal

When selling your home, it is essential to make a great first impression. The front of your home is the first time a potential buyer will physically interact with your home. Now, we won’t get into the science behind making a good first impression, but when seeing a home for the first time, most buyers will make a snap judgment in just a few seconds—a judgmental representation of your home through their own personal filter before they have even walk through the door. Due to this “snap judgment,” it is best to take the time to get the front of your home in tip-top condition.

  • Clean the exterior of the home
  • Make the yard look crisp, clean, and maintenance-free

  • Hang easy-to-read house numbers
  • Place inviting flowers on the front porch
  • Fix any glaring issues with the exterior

Tip #2: Clean your home like there is no tomorrow

From mopping the floors to cleaning the closets, every surface of your home should sparkle and shine. When getting your home to sell, take each room and give it a good spring cleaning, where you focus on deep cleaning every aspect of the room. If you don’t have the time to dedicate to cleaning your entire home, it might be worth the money to hire a cleaning service to do a one-time deep cleaning.

Tip #3: Make sure to declutter and depersonalize

This may be one of the hardest things to do when getting your home ready for the market — the act of clearing away all of the clutter and relocating anything that makes your home feel personalized. From family pictures to children’s toys, your style will need to be reigned in so that your home is appealing to the vast majority of individuals walking through the door. Now, we aren’t saying that you have to get rid of everything but rather find a balance between cleaning your home of clutter and looking lived-in.

Tip #4: Style your home

Wait! Do I need to style my home after I get rid of all of my stuff? The answer is yes. Once you have decluttered your home and the floors are looking shiny, find some statement pieces that will bring in an appealing and inviting element to each room. Style your dining room table or hang neutral pieces of artwork on the wall. Try to rearrange the furniture so that each room looks large and spacious. The whole point of styling the home is to create a home that the potential buyer could see themselves living in and making memories.

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Tip #5: Reimagine your rooms

This tip goes along with the idea of styling your home to create an inviting space that looks spacious and usable. For example: If you have been using your spare bedroom to dump all of your personal belongings from years past, it might be worth your time to stage the room as a functional bedroom. When an individual comes into your home as a potential buyer, they want to get a vision of how each room could be utilized. The key is to stage your home to create a lifestyle that a person can embrace and draw them towards the positives and possibilities of living in the home.

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