5 Tips for Selling Your Home

How to Sell Your Home Fast

To ensure a quick sale, educate yourself on the most common ways other buyers have done so. When you sell your home quickly, it allows you to move on with your life, especially if it’s a career move. The best time to list your home is between May 1st and the 15th, according to Zillow. Your home is estimated to sell 6 days faster and for 0.7% more than the average home sale price.

There are other factors that affect how quickly you’ll sell your home that go beyond timing. This article covers those factors with a few helpful tips.

Professional Photography

Let’s face it. When you skim through the real estate listings online and open a home profile only to see low-grade photos with poor lighting, you click elsewhere almost immediately. Many home sellers think using their sister’s photographic skills or the real estate agent’s will suffice when marketing the home. However, they’re sorely mistaken. What happens is their home’s listing gets skipped over for days and then before they know it, their MLS listing expires. All that to save a couple hundred bucks. Don’t be that home seller!

Video or Aerial Drone Photography

Let’s take our listing one step further and hire a video or aerial drone photographer to capture the “whole picture” of the property. This is especially helpful in marketing homes that are large estates or a large lot. The beauty of the property’s landscape or farmland will be captured in one video tour along with shots of the home’s interior. These video tours are not just for wealthy homeowners anymore. Aerial videography is becoming more affordable and accessible for everyone. It will make your listing stand out from the rest and it gives a true “bird’s eye” view of the property.

Hire a Professional Cleaner

This is especially important considering the pandemic’s effect on the real estate market. A clean house is a safe house. Nothing turns off buyers more than a dirty home even if it’s a slight bit of dust build up. If it’s noticeable, it will stick in the minds of the buyers, especially in the bathroom and kitchen areas. Before showing your home, it’s a good idea to hire a professional cleaning company to do a deep clean of your home. Declutter the home on every floor. No one wants to buy a home where personal items are tumbling out of the closets. That shows that there is a lack of storage in the home, which is a deal breaker these days. You can always rent a storage unit for under $100 a month to store your items from view.

Hire a Social Media Savvy Realtor

If your realtor has a website, great, but that’s not all they need to make your home’s listing stand out from the rest. Your realtor needs to be familiar with all of the popular social media channels especially Facebook and Instagram. If you ask a realtor about their Instagram account and they say, “My what account?” keep walking! Instagram has become the holy grail of real estate marketing.

Selling to a Property Management Company

Selling your home is a complex and time-consuming venture, not to mention the arduous chore of moving your items in and out of properties. Some home sellers enlist the help of a property management company like Oak City Properties to avoid the marketing hoops and legal complexities of the sales and closing processes.

How can Oak City Properties help?

At Oak City Properties, we have been helping those in the Raleigh area purchase and sell homes for years! Whether you are a family trying to sell your home or a landlord wanting to downsize your rental portfolio, our full-service property management company is here to help.

If you are interested in learning more about our services or speak to our listing agents, give us a call at (919)-232-9222 or check out our website: https://oakcityproperties.com.customers.tigertech.net

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