Tenants Moving Out? Now What?

Tenant and Landlord “Move-Out” Process

Overview of Responsibilities

When a tenant is ready to move out of a rental property, there are responsibilities for both the landlord and tenant. Responsibilities to make sure the home is clean, all personal items have been removed, and the property is ready for the next tenant.

Many believe that the tasks of making sure the home is ready fall solely on the current tenant. The responsibilities are to clean the home, fix anything that may be broken, and vacate the property as a “clean slate” for the next renter. However, the landlord plays a critical role in the “Move-Out” process as well.

At Oak City Properties, we believe that open lines of communication play a big role in making the move-out process run smoothly. When all parties are informed and know their specific role/task, a stressful situation can be quite the opposite. To help better define the tasks of both tenant and landlord, take a look at the following outline to get a feel for who is responsible for what role.

Responsibilities in a Nutshell

When renting a home, there are two responsible parties…the tenant and the landlord. When the current tenant is ready to move out of a rental home, both parties have a specific role to play in getting the home ready for the next set of renters. Let’s take a look at the responsibilities on a very basic level.

  • Tenant’s Responsibility: The tenant’s ultimate responsibility is to return the property in the same condition (if not better) than when they received it.
  • Landlord’s Responsibility: The landlord has two responsibilities during the move out process: 1) to inform the current tenant of the proper move out process and communicate effectively what needs to occur 2) to make sure the property is in proper working order for the next tenant.

Tenant’s responsibility- digging deeper

Returning the home in the “same condition” means more than just vacuuming and cleaning the bathrooms. The tenant is responsible to do the following:

  • Professionally clean the carpets
  • Clean all appliances and make sure they are in working order
  • Change any light bulbs or broken fixtures
  • Clean floors and walls to remove scuffs and any extra dirt
  • Clean all areas of the home (bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, etc)
  • Remove all trash left behind
  • Remove all personal items
  • Exterior lawn must be left presentable (if applicable)
  • Remove all items from exterior storage (if applicable)
  • Clean all windows and blinds/curtains
  • Return all keys when leaving the property

Landlord’s responsibility- digging deeper

As a landlord, the job is a little more complex because your responsibility takes on two separate roles.

  • Role #1- Responsibility to your current tenant: The first role is to help the current tenant understand their obligations in regards to the move out process and to have open lines of communication to help when needed. The other responsibility is to conduct a final walk-through inspection and return the security deposit to the tenant.
  • Role #2- Responsibility to your future tenant: The other role is to ready the home for a new tenant by changing any batteries for smoke and CO2 detectors, changing air filters, and touching up and repairing where needed.

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Final Thoughts

When roles are defined, and each party understands what they need to do, the “move-out” process can be fluid and less stressful. While it is important for the landlord to be present and available to answer any questions, it is also important for the tenant to take responsibility and clean the home like it was their own.

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Not sure you want to deal with the move-out process?

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