How to do a virtual tour of your home

How to Create a Virtual Tour of Your Property

Things to Know Before You Start

Technology has transformed the world of real estate over the past several years. It has granted individuals across the globe the ability to view numerous properties online and the ability to visit a home and explore every room at their leisure. Virtual online tours are a great use of technology when it comes to showcasing the positives of a property. A virtual tour allows a viewer to experience a no-pressure walkthrough of the home and begin the process of envisioning themselves in the home as a potential owner or tenant. A still image tour or video tour walkthrough is a wonderful way to draw people into a home and make them curious enough to ask for more information. So, how do you make a quality virtual tour of your property to make people want to learn more?

Equipment Needed for a Virtual Tour

The key to a good virtual tour is having high-quality picture or video capabilities. A high-resolution camera will work best, and it may be worth your while to purchase a tripod with a swivel to keep your footage from shaking. Make sure to have a computer with an online tool to create movies or videos. The photos and video footage will need to be imported and arranged in the order you would want someone to progress through your home. Think about adding soothing background music to enhance the experience.

Oak City Properties Helpful-hint: There are several online tools and apps available to help create a virtual tour of your home. Some of the applications require only a mobile phone with a camera and allow you to add titles/descriptions for each room.

Map out Your “Tour” in Advance

Have a plan in place on how to get the best angle and natural light to showcase your home. It is important to take every opportunity to capture the uniqueness of your property and make the potential home buyer (or renter) feel like they are really getting to know the home. To do this,

  • Test out the camera height so that it reflects a person taking an “in-person” tour of the home
  • Make sure to have consistent and natural lighting throughout the home to provide the highest quality shot
  • Have an idea in place to provide a comprehensive view of the home- don’t forget about outside spaces and curb appeal
  • Provide the individual with the ability to move between rooms as they view the home through high-quality pictures or video

While you are mapping out your tour, make sure to also give the property a thorough cleaning and update anything that needs attention. Think of this virtual tour as the first impression of the home– it needs to look it’s absolute best to grab a potential renter’s interest.

Get the Space Ready

Before you begin filming your virtual tour, make sure to turn on all the lights and open the blinds. Also, it would be wise to make sure all interior doors are open so that you can navigate between rooms easily with no interruptions. While you are getting the space ready, try to declutter the rooms so that you can walk through the home smoothly.

Final Step

The final step of creating a virtual tour of your home is to simply walk through the home and create relevant and quality video and photos. Once you have the images, use a software program or online app of your choice to upload the images and merge them into a video of the home.

Not Sure You Want to Do All of This?

We completely understand if the task of making a virtual tour of your home seems daunting. We also understand that this blog made all of the steps seem rather easy and painless. However, if you are not 100% sure how to handle all of this virtual tour information and need help, give us a call at (919) 232-9222 or visit our website at

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