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5 Mistakes Investors Make When Dealing With Sellers

How To Avoid These Common Seller Mistakes

In this blog post, we discuss some common mistakes that real estate investors make when dealing with sellers. It is important to remember that these are the people you are doing business with, and treating them well can result in a long-term profit for your investment.

Contacting the seller too soon

While you may be excited to get started and find a great house, you must allow your agents time to do their work. They will get in touch with the sellers and find out information about what they want for pricing and other details. If you contact them too early, before they expect it, you could end up with an unhappy seller.

Not offering the right price

While most agents will tell you to offer less than what they think your house is worth, there can be a big difference between this number and how much the seller wants for their home. You want to make sure that you get in touch with the seller and find out what they want, or you may end up overpaying for your investment.

Taking too long to buy

If you are taking forever buying a home, it can result in wasted time on both ends of the deal. You don’t want to take so much time that another investor beats you to the property, and the seller may become frustrated with waiting for a response. If you are going to take too long, make sure that your agent is in contact with them and keep them updated on what’s happening at their end of things.

Not carefully reading all documents

When you finally get an offer accepted from the sellers, it will come with a full stack of documents that you need to read and understand carefully. If you take any shortcuts, there is a chance that it will come back to haunt you in the future when something goes wrong with your investment property.

Not getting inspections

Just because the sellers want their house off their hands does not mean they won’t still be responsible for the home. If you have a problem later down the road, it can be difficult for them to cover any repairs if they do not know about issues that should be taken care of before your purchase. Make sure that both yourself and your agent are carefully going over all aspects of the property with each inspection, so you don’t end up with something unexpected when it is time to move in.

Hire a Property Manager to Help

When you’re a real estate investor, it’s your job to make the sale happen. The last thing you want is for one of these common mistakes to cause any problems or slow things down. If you need the help of a seasoned real estate professional, then consider hiring a property manager to help you find and purchase the most profitable investment property in the Raleigh area. 

Our team at Oak City Property can answer any question about how best to deal with sellers, so feel free to reach out and contact us at (919) 232-9222. As an industry leader, we’re here every step of the way in helping real estate investors learn how to get more sales on their terms and at their pace by understanding how people think.

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