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Raleigh, NC Property Management News and Information

This page is dedicated to providing information on the Raleigh and Wake Forest property management market and what’s new at Oak City Properties.

Creating Wake Forest Apartment Communities for Rental Management

The term “community” might be mere puffery, but it doesn’t have to be. Create a true community amongst your tenants.

How to Locate Deadbeat Ex-Tenants in Raleigh, NC

How do you do track down tenants that still have outstanding debts from renting a home you own? Oak City has a few tips.

Raleigh Property Management on Finding Good Information

Decisions are only as good as the information used in making them. Study up and make informed decisons with your Raleigh rental management.

Why You Should Have Title Insurance for Buying Raleigh Rental Homes

Buying homes for rent in Raleigh is more complicated than buying personal property. Discover the importance of having title insurance for your property.

Effectiveness of Rental Property Management in Raleigh

Raleigh property managers serve as the mean of managing the property issues while maximizing your profit. Read how we manage your property here.

A Supreme Way to Manage Rentals in Raleigh, NC

Oak City Properties spends a significant amount of time managing rentals around the Raleigh area. Learn some of our ways to make sure we’re the best.

Essentials of Property Management: Plus Side of Cary Property Managers

Cary is one of the fastest growing municipalities in the state of North Carolina in terms of population and economic progression. It is also becoming a great city for rental management. Here’s why you should hire a property manager in Cary.

Rental Management Wake Forest: Great Reasons to Live in Wake Forest

If you manage rentals in Wake Forest and are having a difficult time finding tenants, perhaps it is time to consider expanding your target market. Emphasize to potental tenants the great reasons to live in Wake Forest.

How to Get a Loan for Investing in Raleigh Rental Homes

Raleigh has been named an excellent city in which to buy investment properties for a few reasons. Learn why and how to get the most from those properties.

Wake Forest Rental Management Explains Why Leases Are Important

There are many ways to write a lease, but there are some keys to writing a lease that will work both to help the tenant understand but also protect your rental property. Let our Wake Forest rental lease experts guide you.